University of Bath

Want to double your money? Improve your fundraising communications.

A story-driven campaign to support Bath's US fundraising programme.

Every year, the University of Bath runs a closely targeted US campaign, with a balanced focus on time, talent and treasure. Late last year, the University asked YBM to write a suite of telethon pre-call communications for their US-based alumni, including a 12-page booklet.

Working closely with the Bath team, we thought carefully about the emotional ties between US-based graduates and the University. We then took the available case studies and created four narrative-driven stories that directly connected support to gifts, and allowed the team to make a confident, evidence-based ask.

Rachel Skerry, alumni communications office at Bath says: “Our campaign was our most successful to the US to date, raising more than double the money than the previous year. While this tremendous outcome can be attributed to several factors, undoubtedly the high quality of YBM’s work played a significant part.”

The final copy was a refreshing departure from our usual fundraising communications and translated brilliantly into design. I would not hesitate to commission YBM in the future.