A multi-award winning magazine that captures the spirit of a Cambridge education.

CAM is published three times a year.

Cambridge. Dreaming spires. Earnest young people. Boffins. This is what the University of Cambridge looks like to outsiders. To be fair, this is also a bit like what it looks like from the inside. A bit. A tiny bit.

But then there’s the rest of it: the thrill of a getting your point across in a supervision. The fizz of grasping a difficult concept. The mysterious haze that descends over the Cam at twilight or the giddy feeling that comes on during a 2am essay crisis, and the drinking societies, the (boat) outings, Hall, playing in the College’s third XI, terrible attempts at cooking for yourself, student acting, losing your laundry… the stuff that makes going to Cambridge a sometimes mind-blowing, sometimes challenging, always unique experience.

Our job was to translate those memories, emotions and intellectual mettle into a magazine that would speak to 210,000 alumni around the world – while delivering on some pretty rigorous strategic objectives: create an on-going relationship with the university; deliver institutional messaging in a memorable way and provide a background against which fundraising could take place.

To meet these objectives, we thought carefully about what readers shared and then set about formulating this in a way that could be understood and endorsed by all stakeholders. We then put in place a very robust process that enables us to work with alumni, academics and administrators while protecting the university from complaints.

“I would recommend YBM without hesitation. They deliver outstanding, award-winning editorial that engages readers of all ages and backgrounds. And we now have final year students call up to give us their details far in advance of graduation, hoping that they can ‘get hold of my copy of CAM’!”

And after more than five years and twenty issues, we are trusted brand guardians – not least because we are careful not to rest on our laurels. Last year, after six years in the same format, we decided to go back to first principles and rethink the magazine with a refreshed look and feel and an updated approach to editorial. The result is a magazine that feels fresh and modern but still delivers on the University’s strategic objectives.The magazine has won four CASE awards. More importantly it is cherished by alumni and faculty, and has new graduates handing over their details in droves so that they can get the magazine.

And while we are always happy to receive praise, more importantly, readers write in to the magazine to engage with its contents, thus actively continuing their relationship with the University. Letters tend to be very evenly spread across stories, and from alumni of all ages, demonstrating that the magazine reaches the widest possible audience, connecting each individual reader with a shared Cambridge experience.