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Our redesigned OpenMinds for the OU thrilled and challenged readers.

The Open University’s alumni are special. Their determination is legendary. Their commitment can’t be questioned (even if, after year five of the average six-year undergraduate degree, their sanity often is). But above all they are academically gifted – and they wanted a magazine that tickled their brain cells as effectively as it re-engaged them with the OU itself.

Luckily, there is always something interesting going on at OU HQ, in Milton Keynes. From the science of volcanoes, to identity politics, and from smart cities to the impact of climate change, we crafted clever features that could take in the breadth and depth of the research and thinking of the University.

YBM provide a unique service. The OU is complex, but YBM took on the challenge and created ideas with our audience in mind.

Naturally, superb content required a carefully crafted design. Alongside an in-brand layout, we commissioned intriguing bespoke photography and ensured that every page provided multiple opportunities to draw in readers. And the result? A magazine that received a stellar reception in the post-publication survey, with 85% of readers rating the magazine excellent or good – a 15% increase on the year before.